Haworth Old Hall Restaurant Information

Vegetables by Andy Fell from Flickr

Field to Plate

With origin of food very much in the headlines at the moment, we want to reassure our customers that our 'field to plate' ethos is truly well ingrained here at Haworth Old Hall. In fact, it is a fundamental principle across the entire Chameleon Bar & Dining group, of which Haworth Old Hall is part.

We source most of our produce from local suppliers to ensure traceability of the ingredients for our popular menus and everything is cooked fresh to order. Here at Haworth Old Hall, our meat is purchased from J Paul Leadbeater & Son in Keighley. (Read J Paul Leadbeater & Son's Statement about horse meat contamination).

Chameleon managing director Phil Strong said: "If you continue to drive price down and down then you reach a point where you can no longer deliver quality. Chameleon outlets have never been and will never be the cheapest because quality comes at a price. We’ve based our entire business for twelve years on delivering delicious, wholesome food that offers value for money and we will continue to do this for many years to come."